First post

Greetings. This my first post for the SQL of the North blog. This blog will serve as a platform for sharing the latest and greatest from the Azure data & analytics world, as well as sharing hints, tips and best practices obtained in the field.

By way of background, my name’s Mike and I’m a DSA (Data Solutions Architect) at Microsoft, where I specialise in helping customers on their data journey into the cloud. I have over 15 years in the data and analytics space, mainly focused on the Microsoft platform, however I’ve picked up a few other useful skills and technologies along the way.

Finally – why “SQL of the North”? Well, I’m a northern (UK) lad by origin, and am also an avid Games of Thrones fan. I wanted something that had a bit of a link to that,  and unfortunately the “Data Watch” was already taken 🙂

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