Change of role!

It’s been a couple of months since my last post and that’s largely down to the fact that I’ve done something I never imagined doing – I’ve left Microsoft!

There’s no hard feelings or any such controversy – Microsoft was and is a fantastic place to work and I made many friends there that I’m sure I’ll continue to work with in the future. I learned so much there it’d be impossible to condense it into a post – but to sum up, it was great, and now I’m onto my next step in my career.

As to where I am now – for those who missed the LinkedIn post – I’ve moved to THE Data and AI company – Databricks. I had the opportunity to work on and with Databricks during my time at Microsoft and was always impressed not only by the people and the product themselves, but the vision of the Lakehouse really resonated with my own evolution of thinking with regards to analytics platforms (as anyone who’s followed this blog will be aware of) – so when the opportunity came to join the birthplace of Lakehouse and contribute towards that journey it was too good to miss.

So far being at Databricks has been just as I imagined, but with interest 🙂 The people are great – collaborative, supportive, super smart and backed by a platform that’s just getting better and better! The future is definitely looking rosey with the Lakehouse!

So, what does this mean for SQLoftheNorth? I’ll be keeping the blog up and running but not surprisingly you’ll see a shift to primarily Databricks-related posts and also expect some cross cloud content now, no longer just Azure as I embrace AWS and GCP too.

I’ve made a slight theme change to the site to better reflect the Databricks logo, and keep an eye out for upcoming content on Databricks SQL Datawarehouses and Delta Live Tables!

Finally, for any frequent followers, if you’ve got any Lakehouse/Databricks topics you’d like me to cover, please drop me a message!

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